XVII Harm’s Way, Oak, Hak-Ed Damm

Harm’s Way – Posthuman (Metal Blade)
Chicago’s new hardcore kings are becoming a humongous force in their genre, and expanding their ravenous fan-base smashing their way into the realm of extreme metal. Only two tracks are streaming at this time (the lp is due out on February 9th ) but they are so godamned heavy, I had to pre-order immediately. As heavy as Xibalba, more catchy than The Acacia Strain, far sludgier than any goopy-soup out now and 100x groovier than the best nu-metal breakdown you’ve ever heard (because some were good, ya know).
This would sit at #1 or #2 on my year end list, however it’s the new year so I’ll have to remember for next Christmas.

Oak – Your Mess as Much as Mine – ( Hydrogenman Records)


Dual screams mean double the anguish, and double the pain. Chaotic and propelling, a forward roll of grind with a schtickle of Dillinger Escape Plan madness. Oak shift without loosing control, or nary a glitch in tempo when slowed. The extreme duet of screaming vocalists carry this release into the arms of the folks who no will doubt love the disturbance it creates when turned up.

Hak-Ed Damm – Holocaust over Dresden – (Satanath)

Quebec, Canada’s Hak-Ed Damm play ultra-speed black metal that’s dizzying in velocity, and vocally. Different people have different voices and this is a different sounding vocal. A bit like the aliens in Mars Attacks when they die, a croaking, screeching death, the vocalist’s high range is odd. Not in a bad way, in an awesome one. They way something is different before it catches on and is mimicked until the end of time. The intros and samples crowd the music a bit, but the speed hits, before too long and it gets fast, really fast.